Paris DJs wants to press a six 45s boxset and a double vinyl LP, collector editions illustrated by Ben Hito


The project

Paris DJs is a young label launched in 2012, who's already put out no less than 4 Reggae albums, 5 Afro/Tropical compilations, 2 Hip Hop compilations and 50 singles of Reggae, Ska, Afro, Latin, Jazz, Soul, etc.


Productions coming from all over the world, mastered with a vintage, warm and ideally spatialized sound. You can find those releases on the digital platforms, iTunes, Amazon, etc, and mainly on Bandcamp and JunoDownload.


Today Paris DJs starts doing vinyl releases, with many collectable pressings.



Here it's all about JAMAICAN GROOVES :


(with a few latin funk breaks also included)


> with a six 45s boxset "VINYL IS GOOD FOR YOU"

Featuring Afrodyete (The Breakestra), Alice Russell (courtesy of Tru Thoughts), Brownout, Grant Phabao, Jungle Fire, The Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston, The Jays


> with a double vinyl LP compilation "DIS IS REGGAE SOUL VOL.1"!!

Featuring Afrodyete, Carlton Livingston, Grant Phabao, Jungle Fire, Leroy Gibbon, Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada, Suzanna Choffel, The Cactus Channel, The Grits, The Jays, The Lone Ranger, The Silvertones



The 45s, the boxset itself, and the double LP have all been illustrated by Paris DJs' graphic designer Ben Hito, an exceptional artist - you might have had the chance to stumble upon is monthly pin-ups in the French Rock'n'Folk magazine.


"Ben Hito, the only French artist who achieved the perfect alchemy between the hippie psychedelism from San Francisco 1967 et the Foucray wallpapers design from the Seventies" Rock'n'Folk magazine - Dec 2013


Limited quantities!! Only 100 copies of th boxset gathering the six 45s will be available.

The 45s may be ordered separately, 200 copies of each 7 inch will be available.



Tracklisting for the six 45s :


A. Seven Nation Army (Grant Phabao Remix)

B. Humankind (Grant Phabao tuff 'n uff skank starring The Lone Ranger)


A. I Won't Lie (Grant Phabao Remix)

B. Flaximus (Renegades Of Jazz Bboy Edit)


A. Imitation Sounds

B. Weh The Reggae Come From


A. African Man

B. African Man (Adrian Quesada Remix)


A. Itchin' For Your Love

B. Feelin' You Feelin' Me


A. Firewalker (Grant Phabao Remix)

B. Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix)




Paris DJs will also press a double vinyl LP (500 copies only), illustrated by Ben Hito once again, of the exclusive compilation "Dis Is Reggae Soul Vol.1".


This compilation will gather 12 original productions & remixes from Parisian producer Grant Phabao, most of which were only available digitally so far (cf.



Tracklisting for the 2LP "Dis Is Reggae Soul Vol.1":

A1. Jungle Fire - Firewalker (Grant Phabao Remix)

A2. The Grits - Make A Sound (Grant Phabao Remix)

A3. The Jays - Stepping Up In Time

B1. Afrodyete - Itchin' For Your Love

B2. Suzanna Choffel - Guardians (Grant Phabao Remix)

B3. The Lone Ranger - Fever

C1. Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Vendendo Saude E Fé (Grant Phabao remix)

C2. The Cactus Channel - Budokan (Grant Phabao Remix)

C3. The Silvertones - Old Man River

D1. The Lone Ranger - Weh The Reggae Come From (feat. Carlton Livingston)

D2. Leroy Gibbon - Wipe The Tear From Your Eye

D3. Carlton Livingston - Cramp & Paralyze



(Note : the Suzanna Choffel track "Guardians" is featured in this soundcloud selection in its original version, the Grant Phabao remix of the same track will be the one featured in the 2LP)



Shipping costs :

Don't forget to add the shipping costs to your sum. We tried to calculate them fair.


Paris DJs will organise for the vinyl release date a special event at the Betino's record store in Paris. You'll be able to get your records directly, have them signed, meet the crew, etc. - and of course avoid the shipping costs. Don't add any shipping costs if you'll be in Paris in July...

Why fund it?

Paris DJs have funded entirely all the music production, from composition & recording up until mix and mastering (or co-funded with some artists/labels on some co-productions). Paris DJs has also funded all the visual artworks, in collaboration with Ben Hito's KlassAffair society.  


The 10.000€ will be used, in part, to fund the pressing of vinyl records :  


 - Six 45s, pressed at 300 copies each

Including : mastering, lacquers, conception and printing of the 4 colors centers, test-pressings, conception and printing of the 4-color "Paris DJs Soundsystem" sleeves, for a total cost of 7200€


 - One collector boxset which will gather all six 45s together, with only 100 copies produced

Conception and printing of the boxset will cost us 2400€


- One double vinyl LP, pressed at 500 copies

This includes mastering, lacquers, conception and printing of the 4 colors centers, test-pressings, conception and printing of the 4-color sleeve and liner, cellophaning, mastering and the whole follow-up process for a total cost of 5000€


- 100 "Paris DJs Soundsystem" T-shirts

For a cost of 800€


- A series of 4 different "Paris DJs Soundsystem" posters

For a printing cost of 1000€ (already funded by Paris DJs)


- Shipping costs worldwide For an approximate cost of 2.000€


That's a total cost of 17.000€.

If everything goes according to plan, 12.000€ will be funded by this campaign.

We'll have 5.000€ left to find - through record stores pre-orders, complentary to this crowdfunding campaign.


Of course, the more you'll support us, the less we'll need the traditional music business way.

As Louis Armstrong used to say: "our music is a secret order" !

Paris DJs

Activists on the musical web since 1996, Djouls & Grant Phabao launched, in 2005 and with the help of former Radio Nova music director (1987-1997) Loik Dury, the website. 10 years later, Paris DJs has become a core institution of that same musical web. A genuine alternative media of music you don't hear on the radio, the site offers news,... See more

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Hello A public update on the project would be appreciated. Thanks
People are writing everyday... we should receive the vinyl from the pressing plant around july 25/28... be patient - we're all eagerly awaiting those vinyl & tshirts!! Beaucoup de gens nous écrivent, impatients de recevoir leurs vinyles. Nous devrions les recevoir aux alentours du 25/28 juillet si tout se passe bien... soyez patient... nous aussi n'en pouvons plus d'attendre ces vinyles et T-shirts!!
Hello Ousman, oui c'est normal, nous avons envoyé tous les mails pour les tailles de tshirts et les choix de 45t, mais pas encore pour les posters. Ça arrive! :-)