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Help Vortex Jam 2021

What is it ? A cultural event about the Hip-Hop culture and more precisely Breaking (that will enter in the Olympics in 2024). When is it ? From october 29th until november 1st. Where is it ? October 29th at the Barex'Po in Rennes and from october 30th until november 1st at Espace Le Grand Clos, 16 Rue Chateaubriand, 35190 Saint-Domineuc, France. 📷 Why the crowdfunding ? We just lost one of our biggest sponsors 2 months before the event and we are currently looking for people to help us financially to be able to go through the whole journey without being bankrupt at the end, and still be able to provide a quality event for the public, the guests, the dancers, all the staff behind it, and still being able to pay who we have to pay for their work. We are already thanking you for your support !

Allocation of funds

This will give us the possibility to fund the event in a comfortable way, avoiding a whole in the bank account of the dance company.


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Your name will figure in the trailer from this years edition !

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You'll be offered a piece of cake with the previous bonus level !

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Free ticket for the jam, plate of food with a drink and the previous bonuses included.

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