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The guide that allows you to find sustainable addresses and easily understand their environmental commitments.

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Make it a Better Place

#MakeitaBetterPlace est un appel à projets engagé qui met à l’honneur les initiatives tournées vers le futur dans les domaines de l'éducation, l'innovation solidaire et la consommation responsable.

Make It a Better Place

La Base

La Base is a guide that makes it possible to find the sustainable addresses in Paris and to easily understand their environmental commitments using a set of detailed criteria in the form of a chart. And we need a little help to get the project launched!

Created by Wave, a collective dedicated to the protection of the environment and the oceans, made up of 7 volunteer members living in different corners of the world. We called the very first version of the project “Plastic is Not Fantastic.” And originally we were going to create a simple booklet for restaurants and grocery stores in our neighborhoods. Then the project grew.

In October 2019, during a meeting, La Base was born. The idea for La Base began with the observation that city dwellers had little awareness that the places where they consume and the food that they purchase have a direct and concrete impact on the environment. Even far from the coast, waste produced by city dwellers can land directly in the environment and create real damage, for example.

When living in the city, eating healthy and local can be a way to get closer to nature. Our idea today is to make city dwellers aware of their impact by supporting and highlighting the people and addresses that offer responsible and sustainable consumption through a digital guide packed with content. And then facilitate connections between all of these people.

We launched the project before the pandemic. This almost made us give up. But the team and the motivation grew and we are more than determined today.

Our guide will be in the form of a digital repository that can be consulted by all; a low impact and accessible website. The objective is to launch the project at the end of June.

We have developed a chart that brings together 14 subjects that have a positive impact on the environment such as limiting plastic and food origins. Within these 14 subjects, we have developed various criteria to analyze the approaches of establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, bars, and wine shops.

We want to create a community guide where anyone can suggest an address. Our team will then take care of checking with the establishment which criteria of the chart they adhere to and then highlighting it on our website.

  • The creation of our visual identity
  • The user interface design of the site
  • The website infrastructure
  • Acquisition of the domain name
  • The creation of our sustainable chart
  • A first list of addresses validated during a POC

  • Website development
  • Content writing and production
  • The creation and launch of a communication campaign targeting the general public and professionals
  • Finding and listing as many sustainable addresses as possible that adhere to our chart
  • Promotion of our guide
  • The creation and development of a community
  • Validating our concept in Paris then developing in other cities in France and in Europe

So that it is not a simple "return to the norm" we are convinced that it is the moment to change our lifestyles, to make choices that are good for our bodies and the planet. Let's be crazy, and create a utopia with these amazing projects and people!

Allocation of funds

The fundraising will allow us to develop the website and cover development and design costs. It will also be used to activate various means of communication, such as social networks, media and digital advertising. It will allow us to create visual, video, editorial and print media so that our addresses can highlight their commitments on their windows as well as on their digital channels. If we go beyond the desired first goal, we will use the funds to make site improvements, expand into a second city in France (Bordeaux, Lyon or Marseille), and create an English version of the site. If we get past the second giak, we'll use the funds to create to create a mini printed version of the guide.

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