BOTEYE, spirits & cocktails

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BOTEYE, spirits & cocktails


« botèye» is a Walloon word

which mean bottle or flask.


The project

Cocktail bar based in the heart of Spa, in the Ardennes.




• Classic, creative and “tailor-made” cocktails

• Low ABV or non-alcoholic cocktails

• Seasonal menu

• Artisan wines, mainly biodynamic and natural

• Dishes to share

We will serve you simple, gourmet and local plates : varieties of ancient tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella from buffl'Ardenne; regional cheeses and charcuteries ;  smoked trout from Ondenval ; Warnant snails ; Ostend oysters...

And so many more stories to discover...

About us

Cédric, bartender & Laëtitia,  sommelière

Two enthusiasts, greedy and creative persons, amazed by each new encounter.



Our values 



The project was born from a common need to know the people we work with;the desire to discover the work of distillers, brewers, winemakers, market makers, bakers, etc.

By meeting them and discovering their know-how, we want to tell you their stories.


•  Highlighting of Belgian distillers and liquorists

Visit of the Dr Clyde distillery, at Trois Ponts.

Favourite for the Belgian Rum Cask Strenght and the B.B.W: Belgian Bourbon Whisky.


Visit of the Fays distillery, in Sprimont

and artisanal filtration of his gin: Tati is happy!


•  Foraging

It is always thrilling what we can do with wild plants : dehydrate, infuse, mix, become a syrup or a garnish for ou cocktails and so much more... 


•  Collaborate with local market gardeners

La ferme de Desnié (conducted in permaculture) ; la potagerie d'Antan et les jardins d'Orléans produce fruits and vegetables in a traditional and 100% natural way.
They are located in Spa and Theux, neighboring municipality.



Allocation of funds

For more information, you can watch our video :


Whether it’s a sharing, a like, a comment, a small or a big contribution: every gesture counts. Thank you very much, don’t hesitate to talk about the project around you.

Choose your reward

Reward featured

For €30

  • Backers: 10

For €5

Everyone contributes to the building : receive a voucher worth 5 euros, valid for your first bill. Thank you !
  • Backers: 5

For €10

AN ALCOHOL-FREE COCKTAIL We think of BOB and pregnant women. It is out of the question to have the impression of being punished! Even if you don't drink alcohol, we prepare you a cocktail full of love and stories :) Here, our alcohol-free from last summer: clarified tomato water, spelled syrup and oxalis.
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery July 2020

For €10

SHARE A SHOT! Because in a bar, the shot is the symbol of friendship. Thank you for your support!
  • Backers: 6

For €15

IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS! Each month, for one year, receive a cocktail recipe in your e-mail box! Composed according to the seasons and local ingredients, these recipes will allow you to make all by yourself pretty drinks to welcome your friends or your family throughout the year. Nice, right?
  • Backers: 16

For €20

A COCKTAIL AND A PLATE During your first visit, order the cocktail and the plate of your choice on the menu of the moment and tell us what you think! Your opinion is important to us :)
  • Backers: 24
  • Delivery July 2020

For €30

TWO COCKTAILS Tailor-made with the person of your choice, tell us what you like: we will each prepare a tailor-made cocktail that you cannot drink anywhere else!
  • Backers: 16

For €40

WINE FEVER ! no party without wine: choose a plate from the menu of the moment and we take you a favorite bottle from the cellar, to accompany it!
  • Backers: 5
  • Delivery July 2020

For €50

A TABLE FOR TWO ! Accompanied by the person of your choice, receive a cocktail each and 3 of our plates to share. Nice to start the evening!
  • Backers: 48
  • Delivery July 2020

For €75

COCKTAIL TO SHARE Tell us what you like and create a cocktail that can be shared! It is intended for 6 to 10 people. Or less, if you want to re-use yourself ... On site or to take away. Please note, this must be ordered in advance;)
  • Backers: 4
  • Delivery June 2020

For €100

WITH YOUR NAME Together, let's create the cocktail that suits you! We give it your name and we put it on the menu for a month: order it as many times as you want, at no additional cost. And above all, come home with the recipe!
  • Backers: 11
  • Delivery July 2020

For €125

  • Backer: 1
  • Delivery July 2020

For €150

VERY IMPORTANT PERSON! Receive your "botèye" badge and get 10% for life on each of your personal additions. Thank you for your support !
  • Backers: 4
  • Delivery July 2020

For €210

A WORKSHOP FOR 6 PEOPLE Let's meet at the bar for a workshop (about 2 hours) around the alcohol of your choice: initiation, tasting and creation of a cocktail. We offer the small snack plates and send the cocktail recipe to your 6 mailboxes.
  • Backers: 2

For €360

BEAUTIFUL BOTTLES FOR THE HOME! Every month for 6 months, receive a bottle of our latest discovery / favorite. We tell you the story that accompanies the bottle and we send you a recipe proposal to make cocktails with. A nice collection for the house :)
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery July 2020

For €1,200

PRIVATE PARTY Organize your birthday, your wedding, your bachelorette party and privatize the bar for around twenty people. Thank you for your support !
  • Delivery September 2020

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