La Montagne du Dharma

A center for the practice of meditation in the heart of Nature !

Project visual La Montagne du Dharma
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1488 days

Un lotus souriant pour vous.

1498 days

Tous mes vœux de bonheur à la montagne du Dharma, à ses futurs habitants et à ses visiteurs!

1503 days

I wish you a wonderful continuation of this new Dharma Place

1507 days
Hanh Bambou

Ensemble dans la Joie dans la montagne du Dharma !

1510 days

Bonne chance! I know you will make it!

1511 days

Beloved Sisters and Brothers and Lay Friends, So happy to see this manifestation. A home in the Mountains to support countless beings in joy and transformation and finally, the land for a tree gifted long ago. Singing joyfully to you from your sister centre in the antipodies

1511 days

Thank you for your diligent practice and your belief in the inherent goodness in all of us. Your presence and hard work at the monastery is a comfort to us! xoxo

1514 days

Thank you for continuing Thay so beautifully!

1519 days
Evan Lloyd Jones

Thank you, Susan, for making me aware of this wonderful project. This IS making the world a better place.