La Montagne du Dharma

A center for the practice of meditation in the heart of Nature !

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La Montagne du Dharma

Dharma Mountain Centre,

is here and now !


We, monastic and lay practitioners from the Plum Village tradition, are happy to announce the birth of a new Practice Centre, The Dharma Mountain, located in the Cevennes mountains of SE France!







The vision of Thich Nhat Hanh has come to life...


The Dharma Mountain Practice Centre is an offering from the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to practitioners the world over aswell as to future generations.


"We need a new practice centre in the south east of France, we will call it Dharma Mountain" announced Thich Nhat Hanh in March 2011, in answer to a request for a centre in the south east of France from many French Sanghas.


Supported by Plum Village, the Dharma Mountain is a Mindfulness Practice Centre, offering meditation retreats, aswell as being a residential eco-site in harmony with the Earth.



We joyfully invite you to participate...


During the past six years, thanks to the generosity of many, we have been able to collect enough funds to buy a property with land, in the mountains!




But one house isn't enough!

In order to develop the site to create a fully operational, residential retreat centre, we really need your help. We invite you to contribute your support by giving a donation, a way for all to participate in the flowering of this new practice centre.



Who are we? Come and meet us...


We are a group of monastic and lay practitioners inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's vision. We have formed an Association "Cevenn'Zen" (pronounced Seven Zen), to create this new branch of Plum Village. "Cevenn'Zen" 



Meditating in the mountains is Zen...


Living at the frantic pace of our stressful world today, the Dharma Mountain Centre provides a wonderful refuge where everyone can come, to stop, let go and transform their suffering, through learning the practice of Mindfulness and meditation. It is the only Plum Village centre located in the mountains.

Inspired by the art of Mindful living, as taught by the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, our foundation is the concrete and collective practice of the Mindfulness Trainings.



We practice meditation but also...


We practice permaculture, simple living and mindful consumption. We will restore the ancestral heritage of the site, repairing and maintaining the drystone walled terraces and paved lanes, and transmitting age old skills to new generations through community work projects.





Thanks to you, Dharma Mountain is happening...


The house is of sound wooden construction, with adjoining land and panoramic views, it is perched high above the hamlet of La Boissiere, in the Cevenne mountains, a protected area of oustanding natural beauty. Situated in the Gard department, 15 Km from the towns of Villefort (with railway station) and Vans (with coach station). (Click here for how to get there)




We have the practice of meditation to share with you,

we have found a house with its magnificent surrounding land

so that the new centre can take root!


And now all we need is your help

to enable this practice centre to bloom and flourish!



We need your contribution


That's why, to be able to develop the property and the site , we are seeking your financial support by inviting your contribution to our fundraising campaign today.



We invite you to visit right away our website :



For more information, please contact us :


☺By email :


☺On Facebook :


☺By telephone : 00 33 (0)6 14 96 06 71 (Adrien Lecomte)


☺By post :

        Sr Dao Nghiem - Cevenn’Zen

        Village des Pruniers, Hameau du bas


        47120 Loubès Bernac




Coming soon at Dharma Mountain...


☼ Young Adults' retreat at Dharma Mountain Practice Centre (last week of June)




Thank you so much for your generosity...


See you very soon!





Allocation of funds

Now that we have got the house, we want to make it habitable in order to be able to host permanent residents and welcome visitors.

We are going to work, starting this summer, to renovate the electricity, sewage system and start gardenning. 


Our intention is to start with the minimum, but even to do that requires a certain budget.

The total budget for the project is 15.000 euros, which breaks down in the following manner : 


10.000 : to renovate the electricity

5000 : to renovate the sewage system


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