Make Destiny Foundation empower more women victims of sex trafficking or at high risk of being exploited by helping recruit long-term trainers!


The project


Destiny Foundation is a social entreprise based in Calcutta, India. This social organisation works with highly vulnerable women who have been victims of sex trafficking or who are at high risk of being exploited.  The main goal of Destiny is to empower the beneficiaries emotionally, socially as well as financially, and ultimately reintegrate them into the mainstream society.


From providing a home, to educating and employing the girls, Destiny Foundation is fighting for a better future for the girls.


Currently, the team is taking care of more than 100 women from India, Bangladesh and Nepal, who had been previously exploited. Since 2007, more than 75 girls and women have been succesfully reintegrated into the mainstream society.





Like any social business, Destiny is struggling financially. The organization being new to the topic of crowdfunding, I joined the team as a campaigner and junior consultant to carry out this first project "Long-term trainers for Destiny Foundation" and analyse the success factors of a crowdfunding project for Destiny Foundation. In regular contact with Smarita Sengupta, founder of Destiny Foundation and Nandini Sarkar, project coordinator, I am also conducting this consulting with the help of Paulami Mitra, a teacher and researcher on Social Entrepreneurship at IESEG School of Management (France), a campaigner for Destiny Foundation and an endorser of social causes.







The organisation is comprised of two divisions:







During this transition from the shelter home to the real world, the women are supported through counselling, rehabilitation and employment opportunities.


The trainings undertaken by Destiny Foundation include sewing, designing and crafting fashion goods. The women are also coached on basic life skills such as reading, writing, spoken English, accounting and computer skills. Hygiene workshops are frequently hold too.




Of course, all this comes at a cost!


It is often a financial challenge to recruit committed trainers on all the above courses. Even though the social business wing Destiny Reflection partially sustains the charitable wing, this is not enough!


Presently, full-time employees include 25 women and more people work with the organisation on part-time and freelance basis. Destiny Foundation wish to recruit more!


Through this fundraising campaign, we aim to bring together donors who aim to add meaning to the lives of these women so that they can achieve basic employment skills and attain an unexploited and abuse-free future.




Why fund it?

Destiny presently has 5 trainers: 2 sewing trainers, 1 yoga trainer, 1 craft teacher, 1 teacher for the literacy program. The trainers are mostly recruited from reputed training institutes and networking with partner organisation. 


On average, the training process lasts for 1 year. Classes can last for 2 to 6 hours.


For Destiny the annual cost of 1 trainer only, is approximately 670€. It can be up to 840€ per year for a sewing trainer.


With your help, and if we reach our goal of 700€ raised all together, we can help Destiny recruit at least one more trainer. (KissKissBankBank takes a 8% commission on the total amount raised: 644€ remains).

If the fundraising exceeds its goal, it is even more trainers that Destiny will be able to contract!


Destiny's priorities are the craft and the sewing trainers. More trainers are important for the following reasons:


- to implement the training programs more effectively

- to expand the existing training programs by facilitating more beneficiaries

- to begin new training programs depending on need and feasibility.



Please note that KissKissBankBank only allows project whose campaigner holds a bank account in the SEPA zone (EU, Norway, Iceland, overseas department), in Canada, in the USA or in Australia. As a french junior consultant and campaigner for Destiny Foundation, together with Paulami Mitra, a teacher and researcher on Social Entrepreneurship at IESEG School of Management (France), a campaigner for Destiny Foundation and an endorser of social causes, the funds raised will be sent to her account, and then transferred to Destiny Foundation, as agreed with all parties. 


Furthermore, you can find the link of this crowdfunding project on Destiny's website and Facebook page.



I am a french Master's degree student in Marketing at IÉSEG School of Management. I am currently writing my final thesis, which I am very pleased to handle as part of a Consulting Project with Destiny Foundation. Implementing a crowdfunding project is new to Destiny Foundation. As a campaigner and junior consultant, I am in charge of researching the... See more

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