Flore - RITUALS en vinyl!

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Project visual Flore - RITUALS en vinyl!
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Flore - RITUALS en vinyl!

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Early birds! Digital album and signed vinyl + a special Thank you phone call


Estimated delivery: April 2020

Early Birds offer! Vinyl for your home (numbered & signed), digital copy for your rides and as a bonus, a phone call specially to thank you and say nonsense! Digital album and phone call in April, then vinyl shipment in June (or hand delivery).
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Album + Ritual part 1 & 2, all in numbered and signed vinyl + digital releases


Estimated delivery: June 2020

All in vinyl! The RITUALS album and the 2 previous EPs (Ritual Part 1 and Part 2), all numbered and signed! Please note, these are the very last copies of RITUAL's first eps, after which there will be none! Delivery of the digital version in April, and the 3 vinyls in June (or hand delivery in Lyon).
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