KissKissBankBank and La Banque Postale

Since 2009, KissKissBankBank, a pioneer of crowdfunding in France, enables committed communities to finance creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects. From the very beginning of the platform, KissKissBankBank and La Banque Postale began to imagine together new ways to support initiatives with a positive social and environmental impact. The common history of the two entities takes a new turn in July 2017, when La Banque Postale acquires the KissKissBankBank & Co group (KissKissBankBank, LENDOPOLIS and Goodeed). Together, they wish to make participatory financing known to as many people as possible, give them the keys to the success of the campaign and thus enable more and more citizen projects to see the light of day or develop.

Who is La Banque Postale ?

La Banque Postale is a citizen's bank and part of the La Poste Group. Since 2006, it has been supporting its customers in a sustainable banking relationship. Above all, La Banque Postale remains a public service and local bank. In this context, it meets the needs of individuals, associations, professionals, companies and local authorities.

La Banque Postale in a few figures

▶︎ 10.3 million individual customers

▶︎ Nearly 365,000 business customers and local public players

▶︎ EUR 5.57 billion GNP

▶︎ 29,000 advisors to support clients

La Poste Group and KissKissBankBank: what joint actions?

By integrating KissKissBankBank & Co (KissKissBankBank, LENDOPOLIS and Goodeed), in July 2017, La Banque Postale is getting involved in a fight that is close to its heart: the development of projects with a social and environmental impact. Via LENDOPOLIS, the renewable energy investment platform of KissKissBankBank & Co, La Banque Postale is also encouraging a little more energy transition. It can now offer these new sustainable investments to its customers. 

The acquisition of these platforms also enables La Banque Postale to be more in tune with its customers' expectations and new uses.

However, the two entities have not waited until they are part of the same group to carry out joint actions that are meaningful for society. Almost since the beginnings of KissKissBankBank, La Banque Postale and the crowdfunding platform have come together around common values: citizenship, transparency, commitment and ethics.

"Les Coups de Coeur" for projects with social or/and environmental impact

From 2011, La Banque Postale and KissKissBankBank are launching "Les Coups de Coeur". An operation that aims to support projects with a positive social or environmental impact. Each month, La Banque Postale submits two projects being collected to the vote of its customers on its Facebook page. The prize for the winner? La Banque Postale is offering 50% of its campaign objective to the project sponsor. 

More than 130 committed projects have thus been supported thanks to a 400,000 euro endowment. The book "Génération citoyenne", published in November 2017, highlights the stories of 30 of these virtuous initiatives, to inspire others to get started. These projects include the clothing brand Hoopal, made from recycled materials, and Disco Soup, which fights against food waste.

La Social cup to support young social entrepreneurs

In 2014, La Banque Postale and KissKissBankBank will join forces with makesense, an association promoting social entrepreneurship. Together, they are founding La Social cup: the first French cup for young social entrepreneurs. Their goal? To encourage students to develop business projects with a social or environmental impact. The programme is now celebrating its 6th year. Over the years, new partners, such as GRDF, have joined the three founders to give ever greater strength to social entrepreneurship.

Social Cup

Battle finale de La Social cup 2018-2019

#FemmesduNumériques to support women-led tech projects

Today, only one out of every 10 entrepreneurs is a woman, and of the projects carried out by women, only one out of every 10 is in the field of technology. In a sector where women are still under-represented, La Banque Postale is providing financial support to help them get their project off the ground. On the occasion of major digital events, such as the CES, Viva Tech or the competition for the Best Developer in France, La Banque Postale offered four women tech entrepreneurs 50% of their target crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank.

Femmes du numérique

Lauréates de #FemmesduNumériques, à l'occasion du concours du meilleur dev de France 2019.

La Game Cup to support independent video game creation

To support independent video game creators, La Banque Postale and KissKissBankBank have joined forces with Jeux Vidéo Magazine and the Pôle Image Magelis. In October 2019, they are launching the first edition of La Game Cup, a competition to propel independent creators to bring their video games to life. La Banque Postale is offering the winner of the competition an endowment of 25,000 euros, paid directly into its participatory fundraising campaign.

Crowdfunding: a new offer distributed throughout the La Banque Postale network

By joining forces, La Banque Postale and KissKissBankBank & Co wanted to make crowdfunding accessible to the greatest number, to make all citizen projects possible. Together, we are therefore working on a great work of pedagogy and democratization throughout the country.

▶︎ More than 65 trainings organized in one year throughout France. The aim of these moments of exchange? Raising awareness and acculturating project leaders to participatory financing and giving them the keys to a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

▶︎ Already more than 800 citizens sensitized to this method of financing in post offices and 90 projects accompanied by a KissKissBank coach

▶︎ Post offices dressed in the colours of KissKissBankBank and advisors trained to tell you all about it. 

▶︎ On the MyFrenchBank application: the possibility to contribute to projects on KissKissBankBank directly from the mobile bank