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Vincent Ricordeau

Self-made entrepreneur since the age of 18, Vincent has also run major media and sports marketing advertising network (VNU Publishing and Sportfive). Vincent has been one of the crowdfunding world pioneers since 2008 as he launched 3 crowdfunding platforms: KissKissBankBank in 2009, hellomerci in 2013 and Lendopolis in 2014. KissKissBankBank & Co is the French crowdfunding leader.

He's promoting drastic change in the way our society is ruled based on peer to peer networks. His crowdfunding vision - based on collective intelligence - has to build a renewed finance, ethic, transparent and popular.


Ombline le Lasseur

Co Founder at KissKissBankBank, Ombline is one of the crowdfunding pioneers. Experienced optimistic and highly intuitive, with a passion for music, art, culture, and innovation, she is a furious advocate of collective intelligence to free creativity. DREAM IT / MAKE IT / SHARE IT !

After 10 years in the music industry, where she played several roles such as music supervisor for films and ads, executive producer, and new business manager, she had the idea to develop a market place between artists and public to scale artistic projects.

She designed KissKissBankBank alongside Vincent Ricordeau and Adrien Aumont to introduce artists to a new experience, one that is founded with exchanges, feelings, and creation.


Adrien Aumont

It all started very early for Adrien. As he left school at the age of 14, he has worked in cinema and TV shows. Then, he has created a buzz marketing agency called epidemiK, which led him to become creative-executive in the ad industry.

Always been passionate for music and fascinated for the recent mutations happening in this industry, he decided to take part in these day-to-day changes.

On KissKissBankBank, he invites you to also be part of this ongoing mutation. His role is to help every creator to enhance their projects.

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When crowdfunding redefines the economy !


Crowdfunding has become quite popular and that is because it is willing to take advantage of the power of the internet and social networks. Its own way of doing so is to appeal to users, to reach the creations and some of the most various and eclectic projects : startups launching, music, film, video games, books, scientists research, humanitarian causes and activism, citizen journalism etc. Vincent Ricordeau, a leading role model in this sector, decrypts every mechanism of this new way of financing, based on other criteria than the pursuit of profit. He explains the origins of crowdfunding. Its different forms (donations, loans, investments) and reveal every right way to successfully fund your project during the campaign. He also shows that this trend of collaborative economy, is before all things, an experience of shared social capital. This book is essential for a better understanding of the major transformations of our business and economy. Like a tool that favors the emergence of creative and innovative projects.

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