Local authorities and crowdfunding: KissKissBankBank is committed to your side

Are you a local authority or a public actor? KissKissBankBank supports you in your cultural, solidarity, educational and heritage preservation projects. The platform is also committed to working alongside you to support the development and sustainability of businesses and local players.

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Castel d’Alzac

Le Castel d’Alzac (Aveyron) transformé en gîtes par la mairie de Saint-Jean-d’Alcapiès grâce au crowdfunding.

KissKissBankBank: over 23,000 projects funded in 11 years

Since 2009, KissKissBankBank has supported more than 23,000 projects towards success. More than 122.4 million euros were collected on the platform thanks to 2.13 million citizens. In 12 years, we have also launched dozens of calls for projects in collaboration with public actors, associations, brands ... to support projects for territories or different sectors of activity (crafts, food, health ...). Through these operations and project support, our team is committed to defending the causes that are important to us (and you): local development, made in France, disability, education, biodiversity … Since June 2017, KissKissBankBank has been a subsidiary of La Banque Postale. With 100 post offices dressed in the colors of KissKissBankBank, La Banque Postale disseminates the values ​​of crowdfunding throughout France, while acting as a relay for ongoing local operations and projects.

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Public actors and KissKissBankBank: 4 ways to work together

For 10 years, KissKissBankBank has been working with communities and public actors (municipalities, agglomerations, metropolises, departments, regions, museums, libraries, etc.) to help them support projects in their territory, safeguard their heritage, promote their tourism, to develop their cultural attractiveness… thanks to crowdfunding. More than a simple means of financing, crowdfunding makes it possible to communicate, to give credibility to a local project, to probe the interest of the inhabitants, to federate, to involve and to show solidarity. Today, KissKissBankBank is the leading crowdfunding platform for communities in amounts raised, with more than 2 million euros collected by public actors and mentored projects. Discover the 4 ways to work together!

1. Project mentoring

Support projects in your area by becoming a Mentor. Support, advise, give visibility or offer endowments directly to project creators. It's up to you to decide how you want to invest yourself alongside the projects in your area. Mentoring is also a good way to provide support for solidarity projects linked to the health crisis and to local actors in difficulty (shops, restaurants, theater, concert hall, etc.). In 2020, this is what Bordeaux metropolis did, for example, by supporting campaigns such as the Covid Bordeaux Emergency Fund or the Bègles Covid-19 Solidarity Fund.

Among the pioneering public actors in project mentoring, we find several regional natural parks from 2010, Grenoble, Les Lilas and Romainville (first cities to mentor local projects in 2015), Versailles Grand Parc, first agglomeration, the metropolises of Lille, Rouen , Bordeaux, Val d'Oise, Corrèze and Ardèche (first departments), the PACA region but also state public establishments, such as the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat since 2015.

Collectivités mentors

2. The launch of a crowdfunding campaign

Communities, EPCI, EPCC, can also finance their own projects by involving individuals. Indeed, they have been authorized to use crowdfunding since decree n ° 2015-1670 of 14/12/2015 to finance projects in different areas: solidarity, social, heritage, culture or even education. Acquisition or restoration of works of art, safeguarding of heritage, creation of innovative educational projects, cultural mediation process… Crowdfunding is an extraordinary tool for local authorities in these times of dwindling available budgetary funds.

Projets de collectivités

Some examples of projects launched in crowdfunding by public actors

  • The Groupement d'intérêt public du Havre launched the campaign “Jusqu'au Bout du Monde” to reconstruct a vandalized work (July 2020 - € 34,185 collected - 392 backers)
  • Le Muséum de Bordeaux - science et nature has raised funds to produce a mediation adapted to the handicap (July 2019 - € 11,600 raised - 111 backers).
  • The Musée des Impressionnismes de Giverny raised funds to co-finance the acquisition of the painting La Seine à Vernon by Pierre Bonnard (October 2019 - € 32,961 raised - 225 backers).
  • La ville de Pau launched a solidarity campaign to offer vouchers to caregivers to spend at small traders (May 2020 - € 4,607 collected - 263 backers).
  • The CHU of Lille launched, during the health crisis, an appeal for donations to buy hospital equipment. (April 2020 - € 64,046 collected - 890 backers).
  • The Commune de Saint-Jean d’Alcapiès (Aveyron) rehabilitated the Castel d'Alzac, a former castle-sheepfold transformed into a stopover lodge (December 2019 - € 10,001 collected - 79 backers).
  • The Commune de Fontaine-le-Port (Seine-et-Marne) launched a fundraising campaign to create an eco-responsible and innovative canteen / daycare (April 2018 - € 14,715 collected - 95 backers)
  • The municipalité de Chavanay, between the Rhône and the Pilat, has raised funds for the creation of a heritage: a trompe l'oeil fresco located at the entrance to the village, instead of a 150 m blind wall at the entrance to the town. (May 2017 - € 2,565 collected - 41 backers).
  • The Bibliothèques de Bordeaux launched a campaign to save the Atlas of Mercator and Hondius by reconstituting a cartographer's workshop (December 2019 - € 8,763 collected - 135 backers).
  • The musée d’art contemporain de Lyon (macLyon) has acquired, through a crowdfunding campaign, the work Rainforest by David Tudor. (December 2017 - € 24,442 collected - 133 backers).

3. The creation of a call for projects

Together, we can imagine calls for projects to support or promote your creators, businesses, businesses, local tourism ...

🏅 Among the first communities to launch calls for projects, we find the Rouen Normandy Metropolis with the JE PARTICIPE call for projects (since 2017), the European Metropolis of Lille with MEL Makers since 2018 (4th edition in 2021), the Agence de Tourisme et Territoires du Cher (2nd edition in 2021), Sarthe Tourisme, the agglomeration of Caux Seine (since 2020) and the Val d'Oise department in 2019.

💜 In these times of health crisis, why not launch a call for projects to support local businesses and cultural players? On coming out of the 1st containment, EDF, for example, launched a national operation to help local businesses on KissKissBankBank. Through this call for projects, these traders thus discovered a new way of financing to ensure their sustainability.

Appel à projets de collectivités

Promote tourism in the Cher with l’Agence de Tourisme et Territoires

In 2020, AD2T launched a first call for projects to support local tourism projects. Ten projects were then selected by the Agence de Tourisme et Territoires and launched their crowdfunding campaign in the fall. What do they have in common? Promote Berrichon tourism: paragliding activity, treasure hunt in Bourges, the Berry by bike, day of relaxation at the farm ... The operation was a real success since 100% of the projects were successful in their campaign. In total, they raised nearly 100,000 euros and were supported by 1,435 citizens. This year, the Agency is leaving for a 2nd edition!

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The Métropole européenne de Lille : 4 years of MEL Makers

In 2018, MEL and KissKissBankBank jointly launched MEL MAKERS, a call for projects to support creators of the territory sensitive to creative transformation, the circular economy, local production and respectful of the environment. Thanks to this call for projects, the European Metropolis of Lille aims to be THE first Metropolis for Makers. In 2021 and for the 4th consecutive year, the ten winners of the competition will launch their campaign on KissKissBankBank in the fall, will benefit from support and significant visibility throughout the metropolis.

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4. Relaying local projects

🗣 Do you want to relay the positive initiatives launched in your area and encourage citizens to support these projects? Relay the current campaigns on your website, your social networks, in your newsletters, municipal magazines… You can directly distribute the project pages or integrate a map which summarizes the project and its development on your website.

📍You don't know how to go about finding these nuggets on the platform? Thanks to a search engine by city, you can discover the projects during the campaign. Do you want to promote projects over a larger area (community of municipalities, department, region, etc.)? We help you, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Widget de projet

A referent 100% dedicated to public actors and local authorities

Want to get started ? Need information for your community? Olivier Sanch, our local authorities & public actors, answers you and thinks with you about the best way to work together. Are you part of a network and want to train your advisors in crowdfunding? In 6 years, Olivier Sanch has given more than 500 training sessions and webinars for technicians, territorial agents, consular officers and elected officials. KissKissBankBank has thus formed local, regional or national networks like the network of Chambres de Métiers et de l'Artisanat.

Olivier Sanch