Health and disability: committed projects supported by KissKissBankBank

Every year, dozens of project leaders want to have an impact on the health of us all. Dozens of associations and entrepreneurs are also committed to helping people with disabilities.

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Le reflet restaurant trisomie

Le Reflet, restaurant qui emploie des personnes porteuses de trisomie 21.

KissKissBankBank accompanies these solidarity-based, inclusive or innovative players in their crowdfunding campaign to lead them towards the success of their project. Supporting these indispensable projects for a fairer society remains a great pride for our entire team. 

In 2020, we have already supported 86 project leaders who put health or disability at the heart of their initiatives. Nearly 5,829 backers are involved with them in these struggles. (figures updated on May 2, 2020)

You are a citizen and illness or disability are causes that are particularly close to your heart? Contribute to the advancement of positive initiatives via KissKissBankBank.  How can you do this? By contributing in health and disability projects on KissKissBankBank!

Do you have an idea for a project related to health, disability or illness and are you looking for funding? Our team will support you. Click on "Start my project" and explain your initiative by starting a project page.

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Projects that take care of our health, our caregivers, the sick and their loved ones

Every year, project leaders work to improve access to healthcare, provide more information on health-related topics and improve our health on a daily basis. And when the commitment of creators meets the commitment of citizens, hundreds of health projects see the light of day!

Fight against Covid-19: over €1.2 million collected

The global health crisis caused by Covid-19 is creating great momentum for solidarity. More than ever, the KissKissBankBank team has taken its mission to heart: to coach project creators committed in the fight against coronavirus to lead them towards the success of their project.

Restaurants in difficulty, committed artists, companies or seamstresses converted into mask makers, hospitals in need of resources, supportive citizens... Together, we show that we are stronger than anything! 

Health remains one of the main causes supported by KissKissBankBank. In the context of the health crisis, our platform was therefore keen to participate in the collective effort. How? By reducing its commission on projects related to the fight against Covid-19.

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Stronger together covid

Projects that improve the lives of people with disabilities

Disabled athletes, entrepreneurs, associations... Since the creation of KissKissBankBank, hundreds of project leaders have raised funds for more equality and greater autonomy for people with disabilities or incapacities. Thousands of citizens have recognized themselves in these struggles and have supported them in their disability related projects.

  • Promoting the professional integration of people with disabilities : Le Reflet (restaurant hiring people with Down's syndrome), Bewood and La vie est Belt (fashion accessories made by people with disabilities), Bottega Mathi (Italian restaurant for the inclusion of young autistic people), le XXI (inclusive restaurant in Rouen)...
  • Improving the comfort and the autonomy of people with reduced mobility, mentally handicapped people, visually and hearing impaired people, etc... Among these projects: an autonomous supermarket trolley with automatic motorized movement (iFollow), an application for car rental between individuals (Wheeliz), an adapted games console (Handigamer), a brand of clothing for children with reduced mobility (Les Loups Bleus), an application to enable disabled people to ask for help (Lpliz)...
  • Developing disability sports, for example, by funding the participation of Paralympic athletes in the Paralympic Games: paratriathlon, disabled skiing, wheelchair basketball, tennis, etc. A 100% Paralympic media (HLigue) has also been created to democratize disabled sports.
  • Giving better access to education to people with disabilities, children with behavioural disorders or cognitive retardation through special education: association Althéas (a school for autistic children), Lyon Basket School (a wheelchair basketball school for children), Le voyage Extra Ordinaire (making culture more accessible to people with disabilities)
  • Fight against discrimination through poster campaigns, TV spots (Down up), awareness-raising actions...
  • Games to create a link between people with and without disabilities: Dites-le en langue des signes, "C’était quand ?" : le jeu sur l’Histoire des Sourds...

Some inspiring projects, committed to people with disabilities

Increasing the autonomy of people in wheelchairs

Wheeliz: the first site for private rentals of cars adapted for people in wheelchairs. It was co-founded by Charlotte de Vilmorin. The idea came to her in the summer of 2014, when she had to go to a wedding in a wheelchair a few kilometres from Marseille. Arriving from Paris by train, there was no bus or taxi available to welcome her in a wheelchair to get to the place of the ceremony. She then had to give up! A few months later, she launched a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank to create a site for car rentals between individuals.

The start-up raised €20,670 from a community of 361 citizens.

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Autism: a school for all

700,000 children in France today suffer from autism and barely 20% are enrolled in school due to lack of resources. Following the closure of the structure in which they worked, the Althéas team decided to found its own school for children with autism.

The association collected €27,820 from 191 backers.

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école autisme

"Dites-le en langue des signes", the game!

A game combining a playing card and a mobile application to learn sign language and thus facilitate the creation of links between hearing and deaf people. This project is supported by the Lille association Signes de sens.

This inclusive game raised €9,800 from 308 citizens.

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jeu société langue des signes

Committed partners at our side

"L'atout citoyen" with La Banque Postale Assurances

In February 2019, La Banque Postale Assurances IARD set up the "L'Atout Citoyen" operation. The aim of this initiative? To finance innovative and solidarity-based projects in favour of the inclusion of people with disabilities. Three times a year, La Banque Postale customers, civil servants and/or employees of La Poste Group choose the project they wish to support on KissKissBankBank. In 2019, La Banque Postale Assurances has notably participated in the collection of 33,333 euros from the restaurant Le Reflet, promoting the inclusion of people with trisomy 21.

Atout citoyen

"Les coups de cœur" of La Banque Postale

Every month, La Banque Postale chooses two civism-based projects that are being financed by KissKissBankBank, which it proposes to its community. On social networks, its customers then choose their favourite project of the month. They then receive a donation from La Banque Postale equivalent to 50% of their fundraising campaign target. In recent years, this community of citizens has shown a strong interest in projects committed to illness, health or disability. 57,000 has been given to 11 solidarity projects: creation of a games console for the disabled, improving the children's Christmas at the hospital, opening a basketball school for children in wheelchairs, and so on.

Coup de coeur banque postale

HandiTech Trophy

KissKissBankBank has been a partner of the HandiTech Trophy for two years. This event rewards innovative companies, associations, research laboratories or students who are committed to developing technologies that aim to make disabled people more autonomous. We are very proud to affirm our commitment to them.

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