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Shops, drinks, innovative foods, restaurants, cosmetics, clothing, urban agriculture, documentaries on sustainable food… Each year, hundreds of citizens, associations and entrepreneurs commit to cultivating, developing, cooking, promoting value or sell products without pesticides. Thanks to the support of the community, they make their positive initiatives for the environment and our health a reality on KissKissBankBank.

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Centre agroécologique Amanins

Support organic farming for the environment and our common health

On KissKissBankBank, we are committed alongside project leaders who place ecology and health at the heart of their actions. Protection of soils, our health and that of farmers, biodiversity ... When we talk about organic on KissKissBankBank, we are not only talking about labeled projects, but all the initiatives that are part of a reasoned, sustainable and lively agriculture approach. In 2020, they are already more than 170 to commit to this ecological approach.

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Restaurant, store, culture, cosmetics ...: one thing in common, organic

From the land to the plate, through education and even innovation, hundreds of project leaders launch their crowdfunding campaign every year to make their sustainable initiatives a reality.

A call for projects is currently underway to support living soils

Do you have a living soil market gardening installation project or a transition to your agricultural practices? This summer, KissKissBankBank, la Ruche qui dit Oui ! and Pour une Agriculture du Vivant launched a major call for projects to promote agroecology. The jury rewards 6 projects. To win ? Support on campaign videos, training in agroecology and a reduced commission on their crowdfunding fundraising. Applications are open until September 10, 2020.

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Appel à projets agroécologie

Our partners who support agriculture and organic and sustainable products

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Chloé, our expert who supports your ecology, agriculture and food projects

KissKissBankBank, 15 crowdfunding specialists and concrete coaches who support your campaigns, each with their specificities! Chloé is our agriculture, food and ecology expert. Thanks to her advice and her commitment alongside project leaders, she has led dozens of campaigns towards success.

Her mission ?

Support projects in their creation of crowdfunding campaigns, help them to map their community, to do their entire strategy up to the collection phase and finally, to ensure that they follow through on their commitment by delivering their rewards to contributors.

But who is Chloe and why did she take this path?

Chloé has a rather unusual career. She started her career in luxury goods and cosmetics. Following a health concern in 2012, Chloe began to ask herself many questions about food and our consumption patterns. She then joined the "Circul'R" association and left the world of luxury to give more meaning to her work. At 28, she resumed studies to obtain a master's degree in sustainable and applied development. After an internship at "Fermes d’Avenir", she joined the KissKissBankBank team. These years of experience, in (fairly) parallel universes, now serve project leaders, both in terms of communication and marketing as well as knowledge of the sector: circular economy, ecology and agriculture.

Events to promote organic farming and more responsible consumption

Throughout the year, KissKissBankBank and its partners organize events to showcase agriculture and sustainable consumption patterns at the Maison de Crowdfunding. The objective of these meetings? Inform, learn, taste, discuss and above all, share!

Festivals that put the agriculture of tomorrow at the center, such as Let's take agriculture out of the show

Since 4 years, KissKissBankBank organises with l'Alimentation générale and La Ruche qui dit oui ! the off du Salon de l'Agriculture. The goal? Highlight the initiatives that make responsible agriculture and food of tomorrow. "Sortons l'agriculture du salon" is the festival for actors in the food transition. At the Maison de Crowdfunding (but also throughout France), we meet you every year, in February, in parallel with the official agricultural fair, for tastings, debates, workshops, screenings ...

Some examples of meetings organized during the 2020 edition? Comment consommer durable sans devenir dingue ?, Talk ! Des né engagé.e.s pour une restauration durable, Confkids : sensibiliser les enfants à l'alimentation vivante...

Program of the 2020 edition
Confkids alimentation durable

Markets like the Food & Green Market

Each year, KissKissBankBank organizes markets to highlight committed or innovative products that are part of a sustainable approach, financed by crowdfunding. In the markets of La Maison de Crowdfunding, you have already been able to taste the "Carrés sauvage" chocolate, discover the organic cosmetics from "Matière Brute" or even drink the organic and local infusions from "Le Petit Ventre Heureux"...

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Meetings: conferences, screenings, debates, round tables ...

Throughout the year, we invite you to meet in our walls for conferences, debates, workshops and screenings on the themes of sustainable and living agriculture. Come and meet innovative project leaders, our partners who put ecology at the heart of their struggles and committed citizens. To stay informed of upcoming events, follow La Maison de Crowdfunding on Facebook ;-)

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