A platform for project funding

Features that make your life easier and take your projects to the next level

The option to choose between a funding goal based on a monetary amount or a number of units

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22% of donors opt for the featured reward

highlighted reward

A perk code to prompt your community’s interest

perk code

Exclusive rewards to pamper your premium donors

Exclusive rewards

The little extra: a prompt to encourage your donors to add a few euros

15% of donors use this feature and pledge slightly more than the reward amount.

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Early cash out: withdrawing your funds before the fundraising campaign is complete


Tools to interact with your community

  • Direct contact between donors and project leaders, using our internal messaging system. Users can simply click on a project leader’s profile picture on their fundraising page to get in touch.
  • Project leaders can interact (likes and responses) with their donors’ comments on their fundraising page.
  • Project leaders can add links to their social media channels on their campaign page, so they can make their community grow and build a lasting bond beyond the fundraising stage.

Tease your campaign with a pre-launch page

prelaunch campaign

Automatic emails to your page visitors

reminder email

Facebook pixel integration: for more targeted advertising

Tracking pixel

Offer direct access to your campaign on your website

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Stickers you can add to the campaign visuals to illustrate its latest news

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Partners by your side throughout your project’s lifecycle

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