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Features that make your life easier and take your projects to the next level

Our mission is to give you the best tools to convince potential contributors and make your projects come true through crowdfunding. In this regard, we have developed a selection of tools to help you highlight your rewards, interact with your community, communicate around your project, improve your cash flow using the collected funds... So here they are!

The option to choose between a funding goal based on a monetary amount or a number of units

When you start a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank, you can choose to set a financial goal or a unit goal. Depending on your project, one or the other may be more suitable. For example, if you are making clothes, selling any type of object or offering tickets for an event, launching a pre-order campaign with a unit goal is much more appropriate. On the contrary, if you are raising funds to develop an associative project or acquire premises to open your business, setting a financial goal typically makes more sense. This is why we wanted to let you choose between these two options!

No matter the fundraising method you opt for, we give you all the keys to be as creative as possible when setting up your rewards. You can combine various reward options using drop-down menus: size, colour or pattern if it is a garment, choice between several dates for events, etc.

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The featured reward to highlight your greatest asset!

22% of donors opt for the featured reward

highlighted reward

A perk code to prompt your community’s interest

You would like to grant special benefits to certain members of your community by organising a competition with a winner selected at random, inviting them to an event, offering an additional gift in exchange for a contribution, or proposing an exclusive partnership offer to an influencer?

It is now possible with our new “perk code” feature.

How does it work? Create the code of your choice directly from your dashboard and set your conditions. It's up to you to share it on your networks, in mailings or directly to specific targets. Your donor can then choose to use this code when they contribute to your campaign.

perk code

Exclusive rewards to pamper your premium donors

Exclusive rewards are secret perks that are not visible to everyone.

You can create one or more secret rewards, which are only visible if you share a direct link with your contacts. They remain hidden to other donors.

You can offer a secret reward to your family members, Instagram subscribers, Facebook contacts, etc. In short, to whomever you want!

Exclusive rewards

The little extra: a prompt to encourage your donors to add a few euros

When completing their contribution, your donors are prompted to add a few euros to their pledge. The goal is to help you collect more money and propel your projects further!

15% of donors use this feature and pledge slightly more than the reward amount.

giving on kisskissbankbank

Early cash out: withdrawing your funds before the fundraising campaign is complete

Sometimes it is crucial to have quick access to the funds raised to launch production, start deliveries or simply keep moving forward.

We’ve acknowledged this, and now this is an available feature on our platform. As soon as your fundraising campaign has reached 100% of its funding goal, you can ask your coach to release the amount you need.


Tools to interact with your community

Interacting with the community is one of the essential pillars of a successful fundraising campaign. With this in mind, our platform is packed with features to facilitate your exchanges and help you turn your donors into genuine ambassadors!

  • Direct contact between donors and project leaders, using our internal messaging system. Users can simply click on a project leader’s profile picture on their fundraising page to get in touch.
  • Project leaders can interact (likes and responses) with their donors’ comments on their fundraising page.
  • Project leaders can add links to their social media channels on their campaign page, so they can make their community grow and build a lasting bond beyond the fundraising stage.

Tease your campaign with a pre-launch page

Are you kicking off your fundraising campaign soon? We give you the opportunity to set up a pre-launch page on our platform. This way, you can start collecting e-mails from people interested in your project. Once the campaign goes live, you already have a base of potential donors you can prompt to get involved!

prelaunch campaign

Automatic emails to your page visitors

It cannot be stressed often enough: a crowdfunding campaign is very much like a communication campaign. To provide adequate support, we have set up automatic reminders to your campaign page’s visitors, who have not yet made a contribution.

A few hours after their visit as well as a few days before the deadline, we send out a reminder with all the information regarding your project to visitors who selected a reward but didn’t go through with their pledge.

This provides another opportunity to convince them to take action!

reminder email

Facebook pixel integration: for more targeted advertising

You want to advertise on social media to reach your community or target new donors? We suggest you install a Facebook pixel on your campaign page. This little script allows you to do retargeting: with your ads, target the users who visited your campaign page but have not yet made a pledge! You can also use this pixel to track your ads’ effectiveness.

Tracking pixel

Offer direct access to your campaign on your website

We have developed a widget/direct access window to your project page, which you can easily integrate to your website using a line of code. Part of your campaign page interface will appear on your site, featuring the campaign visuals, a small description and a button to learn more.

widget share project

Stickers you can add to the campaign visuals to illustrate its latest news

During or after your campaign, use our stickers to illustrate and communicate on your latest news: delivered in time for Christmas, gift ideas, new target, exclusive, etc.

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campaign stickers

Partners by your side throughout your project’s lifecycle

We’ve initiated France’s most generous call for projects: les coups de coeur de la Banque Postale (La Banque Postale's favourites). Each month, the bank rewards a project with a positive impact. How? By contributing to half of its funding goal. Regularly, we think up new calls for projects in collaboration with various partners in order to propel your ventures further: "La Game Cup", "La Social Cup", "Janvier Engagé", "Création responsable"...

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Launching a project or business is so much more than seeking funding. We have established partnerships and negotiated favourable rates with the various stakeholders you will need throughout your journey: lawyer, attorney, printer, press relations agency, music distributor, etc.

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But what’s the absolute best reason to turn to KissKissBankBank?

Our community! France’s most generous donors are on KissKissBankBank. On average in 2019, they pledged €28 more than on other non-specialised platforms, for an average donation of €69.

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