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They are now experts in crowdfunding.

  • "KissKissBankBank has been a partner for more than two years with the network of Chambers of Trade and Crafts and has trained nearly 500 CMA advisors in the field. Since then, 182 craft entrepreneurs have raised more than one million euros to finance their project, thanks to the advice given directly by our advisors, who now count participatory financing among their skills: a partnership that works and, above all, significant support for craft activity throughout the territory! "Bernard Stalter, President of CMA France.
  • "Thanks to KissKissBankBank's expertise in crowdfunding, we were able to organize crowdfunding trainings dedicated to our members and led by their team. They were delighted with their exchanges and now have a new string to their bow, which allows them not only to finance their music project, but also to carry out communication campaigns with brio! We are all the more proud of their success as we are benefiting from the positive impact of their fans, thanks to the visibility we are given by being officially associated with their campaigns". - Noémie LAMBERT, project manager and digital strategy of Spinnup France.
  • "Recognizing that tomorrow's food can be collectively financed today, we have launched a special participatory financing program with KissKissBankBank: Grow your projects. Thanks to this programme, producers in our network who wish to develop their activity benefit from a dedicated crowdfunding course. At the key for them: a new accessible financing and communication tool, with a tailor-made pedagogy and support offered by the Food & Agriculture specialist of KissKissBankBank. This partnership fits naturally into our missions: to support projects that contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture, quality food, fertile soil and a renewed landscape". - Hélène BINET, communication/editorial director of La Ruche qui dit oui !

All your questions about training

⭑ Why KissKissBankBank?

Pioneer of crowdfunding in France, KissKissBankBank & Co embodies today the peer to peer economy with 3 platforms :

  • KissKissBankBank which allows citizens to financially support creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Goodeed which allows Internet users to support for free solidarity projects by viewing an advertisement. 
  • LENDOPOLIS, an equity loan that allows individuals to invest in energy transition projects  

Through these platforms, we always remain true to our core values: citizenship, optimism and transparency.

Crowdfunding House: a unique venue for events and education

In November 2016, KissKissBank & Co took on another dimension with the opening of a Crowdfunding House: this place was created with the aim of democratizing participatory financing and doing more pedagogy. This physical space is made to meet all audiences, exchange, share, explain what is collaborative economy. All audiences? Yes, all communities: that of KissKissBankBank & Co, our creators, our partners, the general public and the curious of all generations.

⭑ What are the training formats?

Our signature format is KissKiss dating: a training in participatory financing led by one of our experts, at your place or at La Maison de Crowdfunding, lasting about 90 minutes (45 minutes of training and 45 minutes of discussion with the audience). 

We are accustomed to adapting this format to the needs of our partners (complementary speakers, specific to a sector or theme, computer workshops, etc.) and would be delighted to discuss it with you to offer you the ideal format.

⭑ For whom are these trainings

We support all structures whose members are potential project leaders. 

For example: 

  • Schools and incubators
  • Local and regional authorities
  • The structures that support professionals

⭑ Why learn how to use crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an accessible and useful tool for anyone who wants to give life to their project, whether it is creative, associative or entrepreneurial. Thanks to social networks, everyone can raise funds all over the world.

However, it is not enough to put a fundraising campaign online to make it a success: a campaign requires communication efforts, to think about your budget, to present your project in an efficient way... Like all tools, crowdfunding works in a particular way and requires familiarity with it. Don't panic, our team is there to support all project leaders, it's our job! 

Every day, we look forward to receiving projects, discovering them, accompanying them and making them a reality with crowdfunding! Thanks to you, we are convinced that tomorrow will be a little more creative, supportive and innovative.

⭑ How do I know if crowdfunding can be useful to the structure I represent?

Do your members have projects or project ideas, which are creative, associative or entrepreneurial? Then KissKissBankBank is made for them! 

It is a tool that allows them to : 

  • diversify their sources of funding
  • searching for financing in a simple and quick way
  • broaden their target audience and/or strengthen their links with their community (including your structure's!)
  • test their project with the general public and thus validate the concept
  • develop its presence on the web by expanding their community on social networks
  • stand out from the competition by being as close as possible to their contributors

⭑ Why offer crowdfunding to members of my network?

KissKissBankBank is a participatory financing tool that is based on empathy and creates bonds of trust between people. When we finance a project, we open up to each other, we show optimism. Co-creating and succeeding together strengthens the bonds. These collective projects unleash our creativity and create a positive impact on society.

⭑ Why formalize a partnership rather than letting the members of my network go it alone on KissKissBankBank?

There are many advantages for the members of your network when you formalize a partnership with the participative financing platform: promotional offers on KissKissBankBank service management fees, tailor-made pre-post collection path, dedicated coaching, possibility of better visibility for their projects. 

⭑ What are the benefits for your network of learning how to use this funding tool?

Thanks to this support, KissKissBankBank is the crowdfunding platform with the best success rate in 2017: 70% of the projects put online have reached or exceeded their collection target. The more support our teams receive, the greater the chances of success! Sky is the limit.

⭑ What educational tools does KissKissBankBank make available to the members of my structure?

A white paper from the project leaders, a blog, the KissKiss School (our tutorial channel on Youtube), KissKiss datings and weekly events at La Maison de Crowdfunding (Paris 10) .

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