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  • "We have been supporting fashion collections at KissKissBankBank since 2017. With the help of their partnership team, we detect the best young designers and distribute them in our Parisian store or share them via our media. Partly thanks to crowdfunding, we help the new generation of fashion designers to succeed, we support beautiful projects and prove that French creation has a bright future ahead of it!" - Régis Pennel, founder of L'Exception.
  • "For our editorial team, our partnership with KissKissBankBank is an opportunity to present a preview of projects, carried by our fellow citizens, that deserve to be talked about. Our editorial line is thus nurtured thanks to their team in Lyon, which carries out a watch of projects tailor-made for us". - David Tapissier, journalist at Le Progrès.
  • "There's a mutual contribution between us in terms of identifying projects: their team identifies vegan projects for us, which we then invite to our events and, conversely, we identify great entrepreneurs who we can put in touch with people who will help them build their campaign, because running a campaign is hard work and it's good to be supported. So it really works." - Nicolas DHERS, co-founder of the Smmmile Vegan Pop Festival.

All your questions about mentoring

⭑ Why KissKissBankBank?

Pioneer of crowdfunding in France, KissKissBankBank & Co embodies today the peer to peer economy thanks to two donation platforms :

  • KissKissBankBank which allows citizens to financially support creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Goodeed which allows Internet users to support for free solidarity projects by viewing an advertisement. 

Since our inception, we have remained true to our core values: citizenship, optimism and transparency. Building partnerships with brands and structures that share these values seems essential and virtuous to us: for a fairer and more socially responsible economy, for our partners and, above all, for project creators.  

A place in the heart of Paris for your events

In November 2016, KissKissBank & Co took on a new dimension with the opening of a Crowdfunding House. This place, created with the aim of democratizing participatory financing and making more pedagogy, allows us to welcome all audiences: those of KissKissBankBank & Co, our creators, our partners, the general public and the curious of all generations.

⭑ Who can become a mentor?

 Anyone! Whatever your structure, you can mentor projects on KissKissBankBank: association, foundation, local authority, company, media, school, incubator, network...

⭑ Which projects can you support?

KissKissBankBank focuses on creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects. Above all, we are a multi-specialist crowdfunding platform. What does that mean? You can support projects from all sectors: solidarity, ecology, fashion, design, crafts, food, agriculture, music, sport, technology, art, photography, heritage, books, comics, health, education, film, video, games, journalism, theatre and dance.

⭑ How to become a Mentor?

Go to the registration form at the bottom of this page. To register, you will need your logo and a short presentation text, stating your activity and what motivated you to register as a mentor.

⭑ What is the role of a mentor?

A mentor chooses to support projects mainly by communicating about them and raising awareness of his or her network. He or she can also support the project financially or advise the project leader during and after its collection.

⭑ How do mentors select projects?

Mentors are independent. They choose themselves the projects they support. As a Mentor, you can either :

select projects from the platform that you wish to support because they are part of your ecosystem or;

propose projects from your own communities (readers, members, employees, members): you thus provide them with a turnkey financing solution.


Once you have registered as a mentor, simply log in to your Mentor account, go to the page of the collection you wish to support and click on the "Become a mentor for this project" button at the top left of its page.

⭑ How can I support creators during and after their campaign?

First of all, you need to define the format of your accompaniment of the creators during the campaign on KissKissBankBank. From relaying their campaigns on your networks, to the creation and distribution of content about their campaigns, through incubation or financial contribution: the field is open! It is in your "bio mentor" that you can define the type of support you wish to provide.


Secondly, you need to exchange with the creator. We recommend that you get in touch with the creator before becoming a mentor for his or her campaign. This contact allows you to understand his needs and thus to communicate effectively about your collaboration once the mentoring has been initiated.

⭑ Why become a mentor? What are the benefits for my organization?

  • Forging ties with emerging creators 
  • Supporting your ecosystem projects
  • Telling stories about the projects you support 
  • Embodying the values of crowdfunding: citizenship, positivism and transparency
  • Give a new visibility to your structure: a page is dedicated to you on our platform, listing the projects supported. Your logo also appears on the pages of these projects. 

⭑ Do I have to pay to join the mentor program?

No. It is 100% free. If you wish, of course, you can financially support projects but it remains a choice.

⭑ Can I tax-exempt my donations?

Would you like to mentor projects by providing financial support? In certain cases your contribution can be tax-exempt: when the projects are carried by associations that have the capacity to issue tax receipts.

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