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ŠKODA: a call for projects for tomorrow's mobility

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La Social cup with La Banque Postale, makesense et GRDF

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Social Cup

Battle finale de La Social cup 2018-2019

Ibis: a call for projects to enhance local development

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All your questions about special operations with brands

⭑ Why KissKissBankBank?

  • KissKissBankBank which allows citizens to financially support creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Goodeed which allows Internet users to support for free solidarity projects by viewing an advertisement. 

A place in the heart of Paris for your events

⭑ With which structures do we build operations with us?

⭑ What projects can you support?

⭑ What are the advantages for my structure?

  • Make your commitment concrete on the themes that are important to you
  • Make the general public aware of the values of your brand, network, structure...
  • Meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly turning to brands that bring value to society.
  • (Re)giving more meaning to the brand/consumer relationship
  • Forge links with creators, associations or emerging entrepreneurs 
  • Tell your clients, members, communities... the stories of the projects you support. 
  • Embodying the values of crowdfunding: citizenship, positivism and transparency

⭑ What form can an operation take?

⭑ What is the cost of a special operation?

⭑ What resources and skills does KissKissBankBank have at its disposal to develop these special operations?

⭑ Can I tax-exempt my donations?

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