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Let's create together a system adapted to your world to communicate the values you support and let's make your commitment concrete. In this way, let's propel the talents of tomorrow!

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Together, we've built campaigns

ŠKODA: a call for projects for tomorrow's mobility

From February to May 2020, ŠKODA and KissKissBankBank are joining forces to support innovative mobility initiatives. How? Through a national call for projects which honours projects that recharge life: urban mobility, shared transport, new services, equipment and accessories that improve travel... The winners will be chosen thanks to a pitch battle. The will win between €2,500 and €10,000.

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La Social cup with La Banque Postale, makesense et GRDF

"With The Social Cup, we have raised awareness of social entrepreneurship among thousands of young people. They have in common a state of mind made up of optimism, creativity, commitment and ethics, values that we share. With KissKissBankBank, we are building pathways to meet the basic needs of project leaders. Together, we help them to make their initiatives sustainable". - Mouna Aoun, Mass Market Director at La Banque Postale

For the past 6 years, KissKissBankBank has partnered with La Banque Postale, makesense and GRDF to organize the French cup for young social entrepreneurs.

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Social Cup

Battle finale de La Social cup 2018-2019

Ibis: a call for projects to enhance local development

"We were looking for an innovative way to meet the demand of our client, ibis, to position their hotels as places that are part of the life of the neighbourhoods and cities where they are located. We then naturally turned to KissKissBankBank, a rich reservoir of local initiatives led by entrepreneurs with inspiring stories to share" - Julie LECOEUR, 360° project manager at AZILIS, for ibis hotels.

Between September and December 2018, ibis invited 3 project leaders per city being collected on KissKissBankBank, between Paris, Lyon and Marseille, to compete in pitch battles.

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All your questions about special operations with brands

⭑ Why KissKissBankBank?

Pioneer of crowdfunding in France, KissKissBankBank & Co embodies today the peer to peer economy thanks to two donation platforms :

  • KissKissBankBank which allows citizens to financially support creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Goodeed which allows Internet users to support for free solidarity projects by viewing an advertisement. 

Since our inception, we have remained true to our core values: citizenship, optimism and transparency. Building partnerships with brands and structures that share these values seems essential and virtuous to us: for a fairer and more socially responsible economy, for our partners and, above all, for project creators.  

A place in the heart of Paris for your events

In November 2016, KissKissBank & Co took on a new dimension with the opening of a Crowdfunding House. This place, created with the aim of democratizing participatory financing and making more pedagogy, allows us to welcome all audiences: those of KissKissBankBank & Co, our creators, our partners, the general public and the curious of all generations.

⭑ With which structures do we build operations with us?

Everyone! Whatever your structure: company, brand, agency, local authority, foundation, media...

⭑ What projects can you support?

Are you a committed actor? Wear the colours of your commitment. Join our positive and transparent civic values to support the causes that are close to your heart: gender equality, zero waste, sustainable development, etc.

⭑ What are the advantages for my structure?

Go to the registration form at the bottom of this page. To register, you will need your logo and a short presentation text, specifying your activity and what motivated your registration as a mentor.

  • Make your commitment concrete on the themes that are important to you
  • Make the general public aware of the values of your brand, network, structure...
  • Meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly turning to brands that bring value to society.
  • (Re)giving more meaning to the brand/consumer relationship
  • Forge links with creators, associations or emerging entrepreneurs 
  • Tell your clients, members, communities... the stories of the projects you support. 
  • Embodying the values of crowdfunding: citizenship, positivism and transparency

⭑ What form can an operation take?

Sky is the limit! We mobilize our team to find the format adapted to your stakes, and to the issues or causes you support. For example: online contests, events, calls for projects on a universe...

⭑ What is the cost of a special operation?

We study on a case-by-case basis each special operation, competition or event you wish to carry out with us. Thus, we will propose solutions adapted to your budget and your objectives.

⭑ What resources and skills does KissKissBankBank have at its disposal to develop these special operations?

Our team of experts puts all its skills at the service of our partners and special operations built together: webmarketing, events, design, video, content, community management, technical development (web page or dedicated space), etc.

⭑ Can I tax-exempt my donations?

Do you wish to mentor projects by providing financial support? In certain cases your contribution can be tax-exempt: when the projects are supported by associations that have the capacity to issue tax receipts.

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