Make your dreams happen, raise funds for your projects

Our mission is to promote independant creativity.

KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding platform for funding projects, designed for filmmakers, musicians, designers, developers, illustrators, explorers, writers, journalists... We have created KissKissBankBank for the creators, inventors, humanists and audacious from all over the world.

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Here, hundreds of projects like yours receive the help of thousands of enthusiastic contributors. Your project must be part of one our creative categories to be accepted: we will not feature any personal project (holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc).

Age required

You have to be 18 years old minimum to submit a project under your name and receive contributions from your campaign on your bank account. If you are underage, the details of your parents/tutors must be used on our website.

Intellectual property

On our platform, the creators keep 100% of the intellectual property on their projects. You will thank your contributors by providing them personalized rewards related to your project. The system we use is the gift-re-gift.

It's all or nothing

You must reach or outreach 100% of the goal of your campaign to receive the contributions pledged to your project. If you run out of time, the contributors (KissBankers) will be entirely refunded.


Raising contributions requires method, energy and effort (see our Guide). Once we have approved your project, it will be your turn to play. Buzz as much as you can to give you the best chances to succeed in your campaign. Being visible on KissKissBankBank is good, but the contributions will not drop from the sky. Our team is available to advice you. You can also contact the projects creators who reached their goal to get some tips.


The form is as important as the meaning, first to be approved by our team, but also to succeed in your campaign. We give you all the tools to optimize the presentation of your project. Do use them!


KissKissBankBank perceives a commission of 5% only from the successful projects. On this are added 3% fees for secured banking transactions. Total is thus 8% all included. Don't forget to integrate this amount when setting the goal of your campaign.

Make your dreams happen, raise funds for your projects

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