How does it work?

For your fundraising to be successful, you need to reach a funding goal within a timeframe set by yourself (maximum 60 days). In exchange for these pledges, you offer rewards to your backers in connection with your project. Diversify your rewards to match all budgets!

For what kind of projects?

All kinds of projects: creative, charity and business initiatives!

With the pledge in exchange for reward system, you can…

  • Offer varied rewards, tailored to pledge amounts and to your project.
  • Offer material rewards – a CD if you’re a musician, a T-Shirt if you’re a stylist, vegetable if you’re a farmer… - or sentimental/symbolic rewards – a thank you message on social media, a meeting in person, a mention in your film’s credit roll…
  • Promote a flagship reward.
  • Choose to send your rewards per mail or hand deliver them in person, to meet your backers! Don’t hesitate for instance to use our Maison de Crowdfunding in Paris.