How does it work?

To achieve a successful fundraising campaign, you need to presell a specific number of items within the time limit you’ve set. This fundraising method allows you to offer individual objects or services.

For what kind of projects?

A presale is particularly suitable when launching a brand, a new collection, a new product, testing a prototype, or selling tickets to an event.

With the presale method, you can…

  • Display a fundraising goal as a number of items to be presold before launching the manufacturing or marketing process.
  • Offer the same reward in several colours, sizes or distinct patterns. If you’re offering tickets to an event, you can even set several dates!
  • Allow backers to select several rewards at once.
  • Promote a flagship reward.
  • Choose to send your rewards per mail or hand deliver them in person, to meet your backers! Don’t hesitate for instance to use our Maison de Crowdfunding in Paris.